tubeau tops are designed to offer women a comfortable solution during a "Not so" comfortable time.

As women we are blessed with boobs but many of us have a difficult journey trying to keep our boobs and our bodies healthy. 

Women endure check ups, mammograms, biopsies, ultrasounds, MRI's and even more difficult options like implants, explants and mastectomies to name a few. With some surgeries we endure come with the dreaded but needed surgery drains. tubeau gently supports drains during the healing process. Why not have a garment that helps you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

tubeau tops can be worn daily to offer comfort and style to an outfit or to provide you with comfort and confidence during those "Not so" comfortable times.

Because of our Seamless Stretch Comfort, tubeau tops are currently "One size fits most". After several tests, a majority of women preferred the gentlest of squeeze that tubeau offers. Remember this isn't a compression garment or a bra, and we hope you enjoy it.