About Leslie

Mother of 3 and wife to an amazing guy. A new title of, a " Breast cancer survivor", was added to my list of adjectives. I never thought that title would ever be in my life's plan, and I am a planner and I do not do well with changes to my plan. Breast Cancer is a journey that many of us don't plan for or see coming. During my journey I was challenged with finding something comfortable that I would live my "new normal" in.  Surgical drains were a big part of my journey and keeping them still so as to not pull on the incision site was key. I needed something soft and stretchy that WASNT a compressions garment. Nothing on the market solved the problem I was facing, or made me feel comfortable,  or covered me the way that I wanted.

I began sewing and adjusting articles of clothing I already had to create something that solved my problem. I ended up finding a century old, stretched out girdle hiding in my drawer. I loved the long tube top shape of the girdle. Since my arm movement was limited from the drains and sutures, the tube top design made it easy to wiggle into. The girdle was so old I could hear elastic popping, but it was super stretchy and lose fitting and held my drains in place. Comfort was my main objective and I found it, and it made a world of difference in my healing. 

One night I dreamt that I should be sharing my invention with other women. I still needed to recover and had more surgeries to go, but God was reminding me daily that other women had the same issues I was having. After wearing my invention to my post op DMX and reconstruction appointment, my plastic surgeon was so impressed with the top. At that moment I got the validation I needed that I had something that would make a difference in other women's lives. So, after testing many fabrics, tubeau was created. Six surgeries and 21 drains in total, tubeau has helped me make it through comfortably.

Since its launch, tubeau has helped many women comfortably navigate their Breast Cancer, and reconstruction journeys. 

Happy and healthy recovery,